Multiple Logo Selector

jobsDB Employer

MARCH - MAY 2016



As our Operation team introduced multiple logos and banners to the employers, we want to allow employers to easily select among their logo when posting a job ad.



1. Two types of users: DIY and NON-DIY USERS

DIY users have only single logo/template and can DIY upload and edit their logo/template
Non-DIY users can have multiple logos/banner and have to contact the customer service to upload their logo/template

2. Three types of job ad visibility: NORMAL AD and BLIND AD

A normal ad is a regular ad with company branding and description
A blind ad is a job ad without company branding and information

2. There are three types of job ad layout: STANDARD AD, BRANDED AD, and BRANDED AD+

A Standard Ad is branded with a company logo
A Branded Ad is branded with a company logo in the ad itself and in the search result page
A Branded Ad+ is branded with logo and template (template consists of banner and border colour)

4. The site requires DIY employers to post their first job ad before uploading a logo/banner.
(The DIY system needs the first job ad for the mock-up)




1. Employer clicks on the Pencil button to choose or edit logo/template

3. Employer selects a new logo/template

4. Job ad preview will be updated with the new logo/template


Depending on the type of user (DIY or non-DIY, new or returning) and ad visibility, employer will see a different display on their "Brand your job ad" section.

Selection pop-up variations

DIY users can Select or Edit.

Non-DIY users can only Select the logo.
We provide them with the direction to call the customer service to edit.